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Assembler and Source Generator


The assembler which was previously posted on this website has undergone a massive upgrade and is now superceded by cbA65.

This new assembler has a number of advanced features including:

cbA65.zip contains the assembler, the manual and a brief readme file. In the manual, an optimal algorithm for identifying 65xx mnemonics by 'perfect' hashing is disclosed.


In addition to the assembler, here is a source generator which can read raw binary ROM or H65 file format and create assembler source files. It will also read a user generated support file specifying label names or data types and addresses, if available. This capability can improve the readability of the resulting source file. If you ever wanted a degree as a "Reverse Engineer", this will put you on your way.

ReSource65 includes a User's Guide in Adobe Acrobat format and a sample binary file. The sample file is used as an example in the documentation to show new users how to take advantage of the capabilities of Resource65.